If you're tired of always having to pull up your pants to hide the mommy pooch, this program for you...


I'm Sandy. I went from hot mess to hot mom in just 9 months!



Do you have a closet full of pre-baby jeans you still can't wear?

Do you shudder at the thought of putting on a bathing suit?

Are you ready to get rid of brain fog & finally feel clear headed?

Are you tired of diet myths that don't work?


If you answered YES to just ONE of these questions, then my Bye Bye Mommy Fluff Course is PERFECT for you!

These mommas burned fat after baby!

A 4 Week Fat Loss Food Program

Get ready to learn simple strategies that will help you:

  • Lose weight and get back in shape
  • Feel more energized (avoid the afternoon slump)
  • Slip into your favorite jeans again
  • Fuel your body without ever feeling deprived
  • Regain your confidence and feel like yourself again! 

During the Program, we'll focus on one key strategy each week:


  • WEEK 1 - How to meal prep with ease so you can eat healthy & still have time to spend with your family.
  • WEEK 2 - How to exercise at home with little to no equipment in 20 minutes or less.
  • WEEK 3 - How to have more energy everyday so that at 2pm you didn’t want to take a nap with your kids.
  • WEEK 4 - How to stay motivated and make this a lifestyle for long term results.

What moms love about working with me:

Here's what you'll get:

4 Week Food Plan

With exactly what to eat & when, so you don't have to use up your precious mommy brain juice to think. Customize it to support your milk supply & suit your food likes & dislikes.

Weekly Grocery Lists

So you’re not tempted to pick up that box of Lucky Charms while aimlessly wandering the cereal aisle.

No Fuss Recipes

Simple whole foods based, delicious recipes like On-the-go Egg Muffins, Protein Pancakes, Sauteed Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles and so much more!


Private Facebook Community

Interact with me & draw strength from others' experiences, while having a safe place in which to share your own

Weekly Video Training

How to meal prep with ease, how to workout to complement the food plan, how to have more energy, lose weight, eat more + exercise less!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Q+A group coaching calls with Sandy where we dive deep into goal setting, mindset to stay on track, balancing health, fitness and family + troubleshooting Q+As. 


PLUS... You'll get THESE amazing BONUSES for FREE

(A $94 Value)

  • 20 minute at-home video workouts in the Facebook community to complement the food plan for maximum fat loss (A $37 value).
  • A Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices at the store (A $19 value).
  • Guides for eating whole foods, healthy eating on-the-go & snack ideas for the whole family (A $19 value)
  • Templates and worksheets to make tracking and planning easy (A $19 value).


Let's throw away those maternity pants!

1 payment of $495 USD
2 payments of $265 USD

This is a group course with a start and end date. Immediately upon enrollment, you receive exclusive access to your private membership portal where new video trainings will be released each week.


This plan is effective because it maximizes your time in your fat burning zone, controlling your insulin and promoting optional hormone, sleep and adrenal function all while healing your gut and reseting your body. We do this through eliminating inflammation causing foods paired with strategic macronutrient placement.

I'm confident you'll see results faster than with any other system you've tried. Most moms drop 1-2 pounds within the first week. Many moms continue on the programs even after their 4 weeks and STILL see incredible results. In addition to burning fat and reshaping your bod, you can expect to see more energy and more motivation than ever before.

BBMF does not include workouts up front, but does have activity guidelines to let you know how much exercise you should be aiming for while on the plan. As a BONUS Sandy will post 20 minute at-home workouts and exercise tips to the private Facebook community throughout the 4 week course.

YES! This is a healthy non-restrictive meal plan to help you lose weight without losing milk supply. Sandy recommends waiting 6-8 weeks post delivery for milk to be well established before starting any diet program. Once milk has been established, the BBMF Course is safe and very effective for breastfeeding Mom's. The Course includes customization tips for breastfeeding Mom's. On the rare occasion that you would experience a drop in supply you can use these tips to troubleshoot. Sandy is also available to contact directly for help troubleshooting this if it should arise.

Yes, and I know that because I've had plenty of moms with older kids - fabulous ladies in their 50's and 60's - experience massive success using this plan. The plan is crafted for any female of any age committed to making the most of their fitness and health.

BBMF does include some vegan friendly options such as tofu and vegan protein powder for shakes but truthfully, it's not a plan that can be easily subbed for strict vegans. Most meat substitutes are not allowed on this plan due to the macros and/or ingredients and may not yield the same results. However, the plan does include some non-meat protein choices such as tofu, eggs, vegan protein powder, and fish. Some vegetarians can do the plan and easily swap out meat that is scheduled in meals for other protein approved options. They will still have lots of success on the plan. Vegans are welcome to try the program and see if it works for them, but they may find they are repeating a lot of their proteins since there are limited options. It's doable, but up to you! I hope this helps!

I designed this plan with people like me in mind who either don't have a lot of time to cook or simply don't like to. The recipes are quick and easy to follow and made with simple ingredients that you probably already own in your kitchen (with maybe a few new additions). You do have to prep your protein for the week, but it can be done easily by batch cooking - baking it, grilling it, or even throwing it in a slow cooker. As a new mom, I did the plan with ease, especially after getting the routine down after week 1.

Yes, the plan will still work for you. You are allowed some wiggle room to modify recipes using the Approved Foods List. This will allow you to swap out the ingredients that you are allergic to for something that better suits your needs.


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