Hi, I'm Sandy and I used to be a hot mess...

Before I was a Mom, I was a fitness competitor. I spent long, luxurious hours lifting
heavy weights and completing powerhouse cardio sessions. I languished for hours
in the kitchen, meal-prepping healthy meals and snacks for myself (and occasionally
my husband). Each night I basked in 8-9hours of uninterrupted sleep. In short, I
lived a Utopian existence.

But like I said, that was before I was a Mom.

Now I just try to make it to bedtime with no broken bones, teeth or furniture. You
could say my world turned upside down by becoming a Mom. Just like you, I
struggled at first to get my bearings.

After gaining over 50lbs with my first pregnancy, I struggled with balancing the
demands of a new baby with all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and life that came
along with it. Healthy meals were few and far between in the beginning, and
working-out wasn’t even on my radar. I was the embodiment of a Hot Mess!

Luckily, I’ve hit my stride thanks to a few Mom-hacks!

I managed to drop the baby weight and get back to feeling like my pre-baby self in
just 9 months! Now I use my background in nutrition and fitness to create simple,
quick, meal and workout programs for busy moms, like you.

My programs are focused on increasing energy, shedding baby weight and
increasing strength & endurance (useful when you have to chase after a kid or two).

They require very little time and maximize results so you have more time (and
energy) to spend with your loved ones.

And hey! Breastfeeding Mamas? I got your back. My programs won’t affect your milk
supply or add to your level of exhaustion.

You don’t need to restrict your calories or spend loads of time working-out. All my
programs require are consistency. You can regain your pre-baby self if you are
consistent and treat your body with the love it deserves.

It is possible to do it all, Moms! Stick with me and you can go from Hot Mess to Hot
Mom before you know it.


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