Hey Mama!

I’m Sandy!

Fitness competitor turned balanced mom & postpartum fat loss coach.

While I’m proud to say I’ve found my stride in balancing health, fitness & motherhood… I wasn’t always in control.

After gaining over 50 lbs during my pregnancy & becoming a new mom, I struggled with finding the time, energy & motivation to workout and cook healthy meals.

I was constantly being pulled in a million different directions at any given time and at the end of the day I felt exhausted, depleted, depressed and stressed!

The restrictive diets & extreme workouts of my past wasn’t going to work with the demands of breastfeeding and the trying times of #momlife, nor did I want to pass that mindset on to my daughter. 

I set out to find a simple, no-fuss solution to fat loss that allowed me to be the best mom & role model I could be.

A way to lose weight and feel vibrant & energized without sacrificing sleep, my milk supply, and most importantly my precious time with my daughter.

I went from being overweight, fed-up and frustrated to fit, clear headed and energized. Now I’m obsessed with helping other moms do the same.


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